Learn Full Stack Development Real World Node, React, and Redux Projects

Project Based Learning

Our video tutorial series are based on full stack projects that incorporate elements of realistic sites: front end, back end, database, design, and UI. Some of these projects are actual sites (like this one) while others are full stack apps that demonstrate the usage of key tools and concepts such as Google Maps, sending emails, image uploading and more.

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Velocity 360

Complete Explanations

We do not start a 'beginner' tutorial with several hundred files and lines of pre-scaffolded code like so many other tutorials on the internet like this. Every series begins from step zero and goes all the way to deployment. Tutorials that begin with pre-scaffolded code and setup may be helpful for some but we find that users miss basic fundamentals when learning this way. Our tutorials start from the ground and work their way up to a fully functioning site.

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Node & Express Intro

In this tutorial, we create a basic Node JS site with the Express framework from scratch. The project is meant to serve as a generic site that can be extended f...

$15.00 10 Units View

React, Redux & Foursquare

In this series, we create a simple app that queries the Foursquare API for nearby venues based on a zip code and category entered by the user. This project has ...

$15.00 7 Units View

Podcast App

In this tutorial, we set up a podcast audio streamer with search functionality. Users can search for podcasts using the iTunes search API and stream directly th...

$25.00 10 Units View

Intro To Data Science

In order to understand the data science world, we have to understand the data science tools. In this series, we set up the proper environment with Anaconda and ...

Free 3 Units View

Social Bookmark Site

In this tutorial, we will build a simple site where users can save links. Saved links can then be viewed by other users on a profile page. We will use the follo...

$25.00 11 Units View

React & Google Maps

In this tutorial, we will create a simple React application with a Google Maps UI. The application will show a list of venues on the map that refreshes each tim...

Free 1 Units View


Velocity 360

JakeNode JS Developer

"Finding tutorials online is pretty easy but finding good tutorials that tie various concepts together - this is where Velocity 360 shines. Bringing together the backend, frontend and even design into tutorials really separated Velocity from the others."
Velocity 360

AlexReact Developer

"Velocity helped tremendously when trying to learn React. The React world changed so rapidly over the past two years - ES5 vs ES6, Browserify or Webpack, JSX, Babel, JSX Transform etc - that starting out was overwhelming. The Velocity courses really clarified the picture."

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