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Node & React Intro | Velocity 360

Node & React Intro

June 5th - July 26th

The Node & React Intro is an 8-week evening (two nights a week) class that covers backend and frontend development using the most up-to-date technologies. Using Node JS, Mongo, Express and React (with ES6), we will create a fully functional website with user registration, image uploading, email notification functionality. <br /><br /> <h3>What We Will Build</h3><p>Over the weekend, we will build&n...

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Weekend Crash Course | Velocity 360

Weekend Crash Course

June 3rd - June 4th

Node, React, and Redux are quickly becoming the mainstream choices for the modern webstack. There are many resources out there to learn each of these areas but very few of them clearly show how to tie everything together into a working, live project. In this 2-day workshop, we will do exactly that - build an entire web application with Node, React, Redux, MongoDB, Heroku, Bootstrap and more. <br /...

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