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This tutorial follows the Node & React Evening Immersive 24-Week course that runs from October 2016 through March 2017. The group meets three nights each week and every session is recorded then posted to this tutorial. Videos are posted the day after each class in addition to the source code from the session.

Who This is For

This course is suited for beginners with a cursory knowledge of web development and object oriented programming. If you are a complete beginner with no programming experience, this is not the best place to begin. For that, we recommend the Intro to Web Development sequence.


In addition to the videos recorded during each session, all code for the course is included in this tutorial package. Also, access to a forum where you can post questions is included as well.



2. Components, State, Props, Styling

3. User Interaction, Updating State

4. API Manager

5. Intro to Redux



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